Leather apron BUFFALO for ladies cognac

Leather apron BUFFALO for ladies cognac
Leather apron BUFFALO for ladies cognac
Leather apron BUFFALO for ladies cognac
Leather apron BUFFALO for ladies cognac

Women's leather apron made of cowhide aniline leather 1.1 mm thick. The apron is sewn around its perimeter.
The pockets are reinforced with rivets. Cross straps across the back ensure a comfortable all day wearing and the ring in the middle of the
back prevents the straps from falling off the shoulders. The upper, stronger part of the straps is of tan leather.

Women's apron dimensions: Length = 76.5 cm, width = 58 cm, chest width = 24 cm, upper pocket 12 x 8 cm, lower pocket 18 x 17.5 cm

Colors of straps to choose from: black, dark brown, cedar, cognac - see. our sampler : www.apronista.store/samples-and-size-guide/leather-sample

Colors of metal accessories to choose from: old brass, black nickel, silver - see our sampler : www.apronista.store/samples-and-size-guide/metal-accessories-sample

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ABOUT MATERIAL: Outer, full grain leather has a naturally durable and aesthetically pleasing appearance due to the densest and firm
structure of the skin fibers. Therefore, it is treated only with a transparent (traditionally aniline) dye, without further intervention.
Today, various types of aniline skin are produced but must always be transparent-allowing the natural beauty of the skin to be seen.
In this way, only about 15% of the leather produced by excellent breeds worldwide can be used.

Aniline skin retains its natural character as much as possible. The face of the leather is not nearly corrected, its appearance is not
uniform, wrinkles, scars, insect bites, etc. may be visible.

Transparent water-based aniline paint is used to color the skin, and no pigment layer is applied to protect the skin.
So the pores are open, the leather breathes, therefore it still has a pleasant ambient temperature and offers incomparably pleasant comfort.
With time and use it gains a patina that underlines its natural beauty.

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