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Warranty and request


  • For consumers

The warranty period is set by law for 24 months. A proof of payment is the warranty card. Claims for defects and warranty (claims) do not apply to defects caused by misuse and wear and tear in its normal use. The customer is obliged to file a claim immediately after the defect has occurred. Regarding the complaint, please contact us first by email and, after agreement, send us the goods to: APRONISTA s.r.o., 8.března 12/3, Liberec 5, 460 05

Returned goods must be properly packed against transport damage. A copy of the proof of payment must be enclosed. As a customer you are entitled to the necessary costs incurred by you in connection with the claim. The maximum claim settlement time is set by law for 30 days.

  • For entrepreneurs

The seller is legally liable only for defects that the thing has at the time of the takeover, even if these defects will only manifest after the takeover. The buyer entrepreneur is obliged to check the goods without delay and any identified defects (which can be detected by the inspection) without any undue delay. However, if there were technological defects in production in the future, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to solve everything to your satisfaction in the shortest possible time. Regarding the complaint, please describe the defects first by email and, after agreement, send us the goods to: APRONISTA s.r.o., 8.března 12/3, Liberec 5, 460 05